Data maybe King, but creative has to be its Queen!


Paul O’Grady, Senior Communications Planning Manager, Marketing Services, Unilever UK

We often hear about what the biggest challenges are for mobile, each year these challenges change. As we race in a programmatic direction and swamp ourselves in data the media and marketing communities desire for this clear, clean data and cost efficiency is at the forefront of the conversation and the challenge. Data is complex, technology can be complex, the fragmented market is complex, the choice for business and the consumer has never been greater, the amount of content being produced grows at a rate so fast most of it goes by unnoticed.  What is apparent to me after attending both the MMA EMEA Forum and Smarties Awards is that big but ‘simple’ ideas win every time. What was clear was the best case studies and winners of the awards all had something in common ‘they gave the consumer some value’. This value does not always have a £ or $ in front of it which was the most important thing. The relationship between brands and consumer has changed and mobile is playing a significant part in this change. Data gives us insight, targeting, proximity, location but creative gives us the human and personalised message which builds relationships. Mobile is the single most personal media channel there is and like with any relationship you have to respect individuals. So we need relationships for brands that data and creative work effortlessly together from the conception. So now more than ever the balance between ‘logic’ and ‘magic’ needs to tip one way, it will be up to the industry to decide which.


Written by:
Paul O’Grady,
Senior Communications Planning Manager, Marketing Services, Unilever UK

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