New white paper: Orchestrating the omnichannel customer experience


Written by Alex Klose, Head of Marketing at IMImobile.

Despite experience now being THE competitive differentiator, many businesses are still struggling to meet the expectations of today’s multi-device, always-connected consumer. Playing catch-up, they are struggling to reach the ‘bar’ set high by ecosystem disruptors such as Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, and Uber, who are already reshaping expectations and determining what defines a ‘great’ experience from a brand. Continue reading

Travel gets personal & hyper-relevant with mobile


Peggy Salz

Peggy Anne Salz, Lead Analyst and Founder at MobileGroove

Travel companies have a huge opportunity to use mobile devices — and the Big Data they harness — to personalise the customer experience. This article, excerpted from Mobile: The Great Connector (Volume 2), a comprehensive eBook authored by Peggy Anne Salz, chief analyst and content strategist of MobileGroove, in collaboration with the MMA EMEA and member sponsors Inspired and Brainstorm, explores the strategies pursued by leading companies in this space leading the way for the entire industry. Continue reading

How Brands Can Harness Data to Deliver Amazing Experiences and Engagement


Peggy Anne Salz, Lead Analyst and Content Marketing Strategist at MobileGroove

We may have started out in a state where information was mostly contained in PCs but now, thanks to the advance of mobile and the avalanche of mobile apps, information isn’t ‘in’ anything. It is everywhere. Technology is also smart — and going to get a lot smarter — so brands have to get smarter about how they use it to engage their customers. Continue reading

What Audiences Expect & Why Brands Need to ‘SIMPLIFY’ the Journey


Pratick Thakrar, CEO at Inspired Mobile

From strategies to re-imagine and ‘hyper-personalise’ the customer experience to ways brands are harnessing mobile and offers linked to context to improve loyalty programmes, marketers must determine the appropriate channels and approaches that will satisfy people’s growing requirement for personalised and relevant brand communications. Continue reading

Choose The Appropriate Channels To Connect With Your Customers

Screenshot 2016-03-21 21.38.18

Jeremy Deaner, CEO at Brainstorm

The capabilities are coming together for marketers to reach the core audience— as defined by their location and location context — that truly matters to their brand or business. However, recent research from the MMA and Brainstorm Mobile Solutions, a global provider of mobile engagement solutions, highlights the requirement for marketers to use location data responsibly. Continue reading

Augmented Shopping: Set to Transform Retail Sooner Than You Think

Peggy Salz

Peggy Anne Salz, founder of MobileGroove

It was less than a year ago that the MMA UK published Mobile: The Great Connector, a comprehensive publication that revealed how many verticals, including retail, were harnessing mobile to bridge the digital and physical ‘worlds’ to drive conversions and boost customer loyalty.

Fast forward, and we are witnessing the advance of projects and pilots aimed to ‘blend’ these worlds together to make shopping immersive and — at the same time — enable bricks-and-mortar retailers to (re)gain control of the in-store environment in order to optimize, personalize and monetize the advice and advertising they deliver shoppers on their mobile devices.

The recent Google I/O Developer Conference provided us a glimpse into this not-so-distant future. I’m talking here about the tie-up between Google’s Project Tango and aisle411, a company specializing in indoor mapping, to make in-store shopping with mobile devices much more immersive and rewarding for consumer.

A review of their combined solutions strengths shows why we can expect this vision is set to become reality much sooner than we think.

  • Google’s Project Tango is a multi-partner effort that has produced a disruptive new technology for creating 3D maps of indoor spaces with the ability to show a user’s precise location and orientation within centimeters of accuracy.
  • aisle411 has a long track record and powers over 12,500 searchable store maps for retailers including Walgreens, Home Depot and Marsh. Its indoor/in-store mobile marketing platform technology allows it to collect, organize, and monetize retailers’ product inventory location data, and optimize this information for display and delivery via the retailer’s mobile app.

Continue reading

Mobile: The Great Connector Whitepaper

Mobile: The Great Connector
Bridging The Physical & Digital Worlds To Boost Your Marketing Effectiveness

The MMA UK’s white paper provides the most recent thought leadership narrative on how mobile acts as the great connector that bridges the digital and physical worlds and paves the way for new marketing approaches for brands and marketers to influence and engage consumers throughout their waking lives. As a unique channel – personal, portable and pedestrian – this paper highlights the benefits enjoyed and opportunities that can arise when mobile is placed at the heart of the marketing mix, including how to extend reach, loyalty and revenues through effective mobile engagement.

Ignore mobile at your peril or get busy with creative and innovative campaigns that ensure your brand and business is well placed to converse with your audience in the new mobile digital age. With ample case study material, insights from industry experts and the most recent market data, this white paper provides an indispensible source of reference for business leaders to understand the importance of mobile as a marketing channel.

Mobile the great connector whitepaper