Mobile ad blocking is growing fast (but there is good news for advertisers)


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John Koetsier, Mobile Economist at TUNE

The growth of mobile ad blocking apps spiked 300% in the last three months, but marketers can take some comfort: mobile isn’t desktop, and everything is different.


There certainly is reasonable cause for concern.

A full 25% of mobile users currently have ad blocking apps installed, as we discovered by surveying almost 4,000 smartphone owners in the U.S and Europe. And based on the current growth rate of mobile ad blocking app installs, it’s possible that almost 80% could have ad blocking apps installed by late 2017. Continue reading

Will ad-blocking be the silver lining to a new age of great creative?

Associate Director - Mobile, MediaCom

Rhoanna Glenn, Associate Director of Mobile at MediaCom

When iOS9 hit our devices and a new wave of ad blockers hit the app stores there was a sudden panic. This is the beginning of the end of advertising, all ads will be blocked and we will all be out of a job!!

Six weeks after this release and there is only one ad blocker in the top 10 of the productivity charts. So should we as advertisers and publishers be worried? Continue reading


Jide Sobo, Head of Mobile at MEC Interaction

Jide Sobo, Head of Mobile at MEC Interaction

The behavior of avoiding ads has been with us for a long time, in fact, probably since the first ad was developed! I think it has now entered into urban myth status, that the National Grid sees its biggest spike in power at half time in the FA Cup final, as everyone watching at home goes to the kitchen, puts the kettle on, and avoids the ads. Back in the 90’s we had the curse of the pop-up ad, which led to the development of third party pop-up blocking software. By 2004, most web browsers had pop-up blockers built in as standard and another era of ad avoidance came to an end. Of course, before pop-up ads, people had been avoiding TV ads by fast forwarding through the ad breaks on programs they had recorded on their VHS recorder, and they are now doing the same with services such as Sky+. Continue reading