Ready, Aim, Track – Mastering the Mobile World

Elizabeth D’Arcy-Potts

Elizabeth D’Arcy-Potts – Sales Director, Europe at CAKE


We all know that as consumers spend more time on mobile devices, it would make sense for advertisers to spend more on mobile advertising. However, statistics show that increases in mobile advertising spending are not keeping up with total media usage.

Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report states that consumers spend 20% of their total media time on mobile devices, but advertisers only spend 4% of their total budget on mobile advertising. The same report reveals consumers spend just 5% of their total media time looking at printed items, but advertisers continue to spend 19% of their advertising budget on print advertising. It is clear that advertisers should adjust their spend to better align with actual media usage, but care must be taken when increasing digital ads as consumers can be easily irritated if they receive too many.

Get Ready…

Make it Meaningful

Advertisers can easily push more sales promotions and engagement campaigns to customers’ mobile devices, but care should be taken to communicate with consumers in a way that is actually meaningful for their mobile experience – not distracting, intrusive or irrelevant.

Go Responsive

With mobile device usage so high, advertisers should also ensure their sites are viewable on mobile devices. Unfortunately, advertisers continue to take mild action on mobile site responsiveness with only 11% of the UK’s top 100 brands finishing 2013 with a responsive site, according to the IAB’s Mobile Optimised Site study.

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