iOS 11: How will the new updates disrupt the mobile advertising industry

Nicolas Rieul

Nicolas Rieul, VP Strategy EMEA at S4M

Apple announced at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 a suite of news features for iOS 11 that will surely be welcomed by its loyal users. For mobile advertisers, this update doesn’t bring all bad news, there are also some exciting new potentials for marketers with the latest update. For users, it is all good news, as Apple’s new iOS 11 is putting user privacy centre stage.


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Why Programmatic is not Killing Creativity

Nick Hugh, Yahoo VP & GM, Advertising EMEA

Nick Hugh, Yahoo VP & GM, Advertising EMEA

Since the advent of programmatic buying, there has been much debate about whether digital advertising is moving towards an era of man versus machine.

According to the IAB, 47 per cent of display ads were traded in programmatically in 2014, nearly doubling from 28 per cent the previous year. Given such huge growth, a key question on marketers’ lips is whether science and automation does indeed pose a threat to creativity?

Creativity in the digital age is about more than just the format alone, it’s about both design and distribution and that’s key where data is key. Yahoo processes around 150 billion user data events every day globally – that’s an incredible amount of knowledge that we have about consumers but it’s how we process data that really counts. Continue reading

Push Notifications – 5 Golden Rules

Tim Profile Pic (Large) (2)

Tim Pemberton, Director of Media Operations, Yodel Mobile

The power of push messaging means a smartly managed campaigns can more than double app usage and consumer engagement with branded apps.

Despite the opportunities, many companies shy away from push, take the travel sector, it’s a prime example of a vertical under appreciating what push can do.

The team here at Yodel Mobile, conducted some research using a sample of 20 travel apps installed on our phone, to see the volume of push messages being sent over the prime Christmas season, only one push message was sent over Christmas and into early January which is when consumers are planning their travel for the year ahead. Travel as an industry is missing the boat.

Part of the reason could be caution. Get push wrong and the consumer will delete your app – an app marketing disaster. So, here are the five golden rules for getting push right…

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