When y became i and how you can “get more here”

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Chris Babayode, Managing Director, MMA EMEA

As marketers, we have to constantly adapt and change to new demands, technology and the consumer, to stay relevant and make an impact. We market ourselves and rebrand when we need to make an impact, this can be seen with my eldest daughter. When she was born we named her Jennifer and within days, everyone was calling her Jenny. The name Jenny stayed until sixth form when, aged 16, she decided to become Jenni. It might seem like just a y changing to an i, but it was much more, it was a rebrand. She was the same genetically with the same outgoing, gregarious personality but she knew she was taking on responsibility becoming a school leader. This is just like the MMA, we are the same dedicated community to mobile marketing innovation, but we are re-branding and aim to take on a more impactful mission.

The re-launch sees the MMA driving against a new mission – to accelerate the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, driving business growth with closer and stronger consumer engagement.

No re-launch is complete without a rebrand. Therefore, we’ve unveiled a bold, new and engaging logo. The integration of the three-line menu navicon (that means ‘get more here’) into the MMA’s branding and logo is an invitation to the mobile industry in the UK to get involved with the MMA UK and collaborate as we champion mobile marketing. Continue reading