Mobile – one size doesn’t fit all

Nigel 4

Nigel Clarkson, Commercial Director, Weve

The trade press seems alive just now with stories of the inexorable rise of ‘mobile’. There is unmistakeable excitement around this small device which is capable of doing so many things.  The ability of mobile to drive search, social, video, SMS, display, apps, and of course the future of areas like beacons and a whole new sector of location marketing means exciting times all round.

Over the last few years, in media terms, the migration of services and time now allocated to a mobile has been an utterly seismic shift, far more pronounced than the years it took for online to grow in its early stages.  Inevitably the terms ‘online’ and ‘mobile’ will become more blurred because the simple fact is that when people are ‘online’ now, it is more likely to be on a mobile device anyway.

Just this week we have seen two stories that highlight this huge shift in consumer behaviour.  The first is news from ComScore that the majority of digital media consumption now takes place in mobile apps.  52% of ‘digital time’ is now spent in mobile apps, and when you then throw time spent on the mobile web this figure goes up to 60%.  It should come as no surprise that within this figure, most time is spent on social media, entertainment, games and news/information.  In other words people are going where content is most engaging, entertaining or useful.  Combine this with the functions available on the mobile like touch, gyroscope, sound activation and it feels like mobile should be a marketers dream, so the outlook is surely a positive one.

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