At MWC size REALLY does matter


JC Oliver, Global Chief Creative Officer
at Unlockd

“Who turned out the lights?” was the concerned refrain that rang out across the hallowed halls of CES when the electricity decided to pack up in January.

“Where are my long johns?” was the concerned refrain that rang out at Barcelona airport when I arrived from the sun-dappled shores of Australia to the whispers of Storm Emma that stroked MWC this year – I mean seriously…I really did not pack the correct clothing for a Barcelona that saw the first snowflakes since 2010. Continue reading

Who owns the mobile experience? The growing disconnect between advertisers, mobile operators and consumers


Written by Matt Berriman, Co- Founder at Unlockd

There’s no denying it. The smartphone has become a centrepiece in our lives. It’s a screen you are compelled to look at when you wake up and probably one of the last things you see before placing your head on the pillow each night. Chances are, you’re probably even reading this on a mobile device.

Today, there are more than two billion smartphones globally with the number expected to pass the six billion mark by 2020.

Popular electronics like VR headsets, fitness bands, and smart watches are all accessories to the smartphone. Think about it – an entire ecosystem of hardware and software products are dependent on this one central device.

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