MMA & mCordis Educational Partnership Announced

Paul Berney grey

Paul Berney, Co-founder & CEO EMEA mCordis

The MMA UK is delighted to announce a mobile marketing educational programming partnership with mCordis, a leader in professional mobile marketing education services.   Through this marketing the MMA and mCordis will deliver professional mobile marketing educational programming, including a professional award in mobile marketing and certificate in mobile marketing as well as a range mobile marketing workshops, seminars and supplementary learning materials.

The core of the educational programming, the Professional Award in Mobile marketing and Mobile Marketing and Mobile Marketer Certificate, are believed to be the first fully accredited professional qualifications in mobile marketing anywhere in the world. The accreditation comes from The Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing (The IDM) in the UK and meets THE IDM’s stringent, industry recognised, content and teaching method requirements and methods.

Both the Professional Award in Mobile Marketing and Certified Mobile Marketer are designed for professionals in the marketing industry to: Become a practioner in mobile marketing, Be able to create a strategy for mobile marketing and execute against that in their company, Receive professionally recognised qualifications. These programs will supersede the MMA’s Certified Mobile Marketer assessment test and designation, which was originally released in 2008.

mCordis has developed its mobile marketing educational programming, and supplementary workshops, seminars and course materials as a result of a direct response to demands in the marketplace for introductory, intermediate and advanced mobile marketing education and training. Marketers, sellers and mobile innovators can use the insights generated through these programs to capitalise on all that mobile marketing has to offer.

The mCordis Professional Award in Mobile Marketing delivered both through sessions open to the public and private sessions for companies looking to train staff and develop staff members and teams. The Professional Award takes place across two days of training and is a ‘blended learning’ experience mixing in-person, interactive exercises and lectures within a classroom setting, and self paced learning and online and written assessment. To achieve Certified Mobile Marketer status, learners must complete an additional 100 hours of activities that guide the learning from theory understanding, to practical application and the needed skills to successfully execute mobile marketing programs and to place mobile marketing at the heart of the marketing mix. The certificate programs combines reading, lectures and exercises with real world mobile marketing experience. mCordis also offers tailored corporate briefings, workshops, seminars and a variety of mobile marketing learning assets.

“According to a number of industry studies major digital marketing talent gaps exists throughout all disciplines of marketing, especially in mobile,” said Messrs Michael Becker and Paul Berney, both Co-founders and Managing Partners of mCordis. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to serve the industry by offering our programs through and with the Mobile Marketing Association and its membership.”

Paul Berney
Co-Founder & CEO EMEA mCordis

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