Mobile: Carry High-Impact and Rising Stars in your Pocket


Cameron Hulett, Executive Director, EMEA, Undertone

Last year, advertisers and agencies became more aware of high impact formats, especially the IAB Rising Star formats, such as Billboard and Pushdown. According to a recent report by Undertone (The IAB Rising Stars: Gains, Challenges, and Cross-Screen Opportunities) 72 per cent of agencies have now adopted the desktop versions of these formats, but less than 40 per cent of agencies are even aware of the equivalent formats on mobile. The research also shows that there has only been a 10 per cent increase in mobile format adoption, which is particularly surprising considering the explosion of mobile among consumers.

This startling contrast shows mobile is the next opportunity for high impact advertising. Although Undertone has seen great success with its mobile formats such as Pull, Adhesion, and Full Page Flex, there appears to be an adoption-gap in the market uptake of mobile high impact. In fact our research demonstrated that less than 40 per cent of agencies are aware of the variety of formats available within the industry.

Living in a mobile world

We live in a world where audiences are no longer chained to their desks or desktop computers. Audiences are using multiple mobile devices to shop online, search the Internet, and send emails while on the move. Netflix and YouTube have overhauled the mobile video landscape, creating unique, entertaining and compelling mobile ad campaigns. Add social media into the mix, and it is clear mobile is where it’s at.

With the growing use of multi-devices, it is clear that advertising and digital campaigns need to stretch across multiple screens and formats to engage and interact with audiences effectively.

From our research, we have found 3 in 4 marketers are already executing campaigns across screens, but typically these campaigns focus the mobile component on direct response rather than brand. Indeed, agencies and advertisers who can adopt cross-screen advertising have the potential to make a major impact, especially when a brand’s audience interacts with different devices at different times of the day, thus allowing advertisers to target their audiences using relevant, responsive messages at different times and on different devices.

Mobile high impact rising

Agencies have not yet fully adopted high impact mobile because, historically, it has been difficult to do, and mobile has been seen purely as a direct response channel. Nevertheless, the same was true of high impact desktop formats over a year ago, and look where we are now.

With the value of desktop high impact firmly established, it is only natural for mobile high impact formats to follow and for the gap between desktop and mobile to diminish. As with all new things, it takes time to educate and prove the value, but I believe this process will be extremely fast considering the precedent set by desktop.

At Undertone, we have already seen the likes of Nike, Jaguar, and Macy’s develop unique mobile and cross-screen campaigns that consumers are responding extremely positively to, so there should be no holding back. Other brands will follow. High impact advertising is coming to a mobile device near you. Watch this space.


Written by:
Cameron Hulett,
Executive Director, EMEA, Undertone

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