2015 Digital Advertising Predictions

Jason Tally, Country Commercial Director, Yahoo UK

Jason Talley, Country Commercial Director, Yahoo UK

Programmatic adoption will accelerate

The roots of the ‘programmatic revolution’ have taken hold, and adoption will accelerate in 2015 with brand marketers enjoying better control and greater efficiency. This is driven by the ability to seamlessly target cross-device, giving a single view of the customer, increasing brands’ efficiency and providing a better user experience.

As a result of the Internet of Things, we will increasingly see richer streams of user behaviour data. Everything from watches to fridges will become internet enabled, marketers will be able to understand users’ behaviour more than ever and deliver targeted advertising at scale.

More brand budgets start to be traded programmatically

Marketers will start to use publisher first party data across the whole of the programmatic marketplace. Publishers are prepping to launch their own plays in 2015, which will lead to a new phase in the programmatic world. We will also start to see greater buying of rising star formats, rich media, and takeovers. As more brand budgets start to be traded programmatically, these will be increasingly important for buyers to achieve standout.

We break down the barriers to wider adoption of Content marketing solutions

Brands understand that they need to shift more focus to content marketing, given its explosive growth this year. Challenges remain around contextualising content, effective distribution, as well as maximizing earned media potential – but these will be overcome as brands finesse their understanding on this space.

Quality content cannot be ignored. While a lot of the big players are already doing a stunning job – in 2015 a greater number will  – the Christmas ad war between focus on creating humanised and appealing content based on themes that satisfy a consumer need.

Native is the only way to go on mobile

There is no sign of the juggernaut of mobile advertising slowing down in 2015, and brands will continue to innovate in the way they communicate with consumers. Yahoo’s own research has found smartphone users are 2.2 times more likely to agree that ‘If content is engaging then I don’t care it is an advert’. This is great news for brands as there is a real willingness from consumers to engage with branded content within their mobile feeds. This trend is set for further rapid growth next year.

The optimum way to digest information on a mobile is through a stream of content so we will see a further fine-tuning of this practice. In a stream brands can serve advertising in a contextually relevant way by matching the quality, tone and style of the editorial but also the format. In 2015 more and more brands will start to get the mix and the blend right – further driving engagement through a positive consumer experience.

There is a clear alignment between content marketing and native advertising. Mobile advertising growth is only set to head in one direction, and we can envisage a real surge in these types of digital advertising in the first half of 2015.

Written by:

Jason Talley,

Country Commercial Director Yahoo UK

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