Nadia Gonzalez,VP Mobile Marketing at Gemalto.

Since the launch of the first, bulky and rather basic cell phones in 1973, the world continues to become increasingly mobile and smarter, revolutionising how we do things: From cell phones to smart phones to faster, cheaper networks and connections. Cheaper smart phones and hyper connected people are driving the inevitable rise of the Apps.

In UK alone, over 50% of the population own a Smartphone. A figure set to rise worldwide by 2019 to some 3.4 billion users, that is 50% of the world’s population will own a Smartphone. Consequentially, App usage is skyrocketing with over 2 million of them already in Google & ITunes Stores. This represents a phenomenal hike of 320% in revenue from 2011 to 2014. A trend, set to continue reaching some 76.30 billion USD revenue by 2017: almost the equivalent of ¼ of Switzerland’s GDP.

By 2019 a mere 20% of the world’s population will remain unconnected! And according to the GSMA (Groupe Spéciale Mobile Association), by 2020, smart phones will account for 2 thirds of all mobile connections around the globe.

So there you have it. It looks good, but if we uncover the facts, the reality today is quite different.

Up to 90% of apps are used ONCE then discarded or deleted altogether. Consumers use as few as 6.5 apps over a 30-day period. For ASDA, the UK retailer, a major concern is to accelerate audience reach and app download (MMA London Nov 2014)!

It is now time to be part of the App world. It is now time to make your App an integral part of your customers daily routine. Think Consumer experience and privacy. Think hyper-connected and savvy Consumer. Think how you can get the Consumer to your APP – make it easy, relevant and safe. Make it enjoyable and you’re half way there.

However, your App will still need to be promoted! There are many available options. But why not explore Smarter options via mobile channels (Smart App Push, SmartMessage)?

With the support of mobile network operators, unique interactive channels, such as SmartMessage or Smart App Push, result in 5 to 10 times more engagement than basic SMS (but with the same reach). Smartmessage is already creating and managing over 600 million mobile marketing messages every month, thanks to privileged partnerships with more than 140 mobile operators worldwide.

MNOs looking to generate new revenue streams can play a crucial role, by leveraging their subscriber base, full of up-to-date information. Properly screened, this “Big” Data can be harnessed to optimize consumer relationship management and securely deliver mobile marketing campaigns irrespective of the handset or operating system used by the consumer. Subscriber Data also enables relevant segmentation for wiser engagement with your target profile.

Here is a win-win situation directly hitting the ‘Sweet Spot’ where MNOs & third parties (Content providers, Aggregators, Brands,…) can  together drive new revenues and generate new business models.

With Smarter Mobile Marketing, the customer’s privacy is fully respected at all times and stakeholders can benefit from a maximum reach while applying the golden rules of permission based-marketing.

From hyper connected people & things to globally connected everything. A digital revolution is truly under way. Right now, in billions of homes, a digital revolution connecting things from cars to clothes to cities – from pills to packaging – progressively, consciously, and unconsciously: driving a fundamental shift in business growth: Personal-Portable-Powerful!

A New Final Frontier! The Rise of the APPS: A planet of the connected everything and Smartphone Apps are just the beginning!!

Written by
Nadia Gonzalez
VP Mobile Marketing 

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