No going back: What will rule 2015!


Alex Klose, Head of Marketing, IMImobile

2014 is in the books, but marketers are feeling the year’s ripples as it continues to define marketing in 2015. Mobile is yet again at the forefront of innovation and the focus of strategy,  causing marketers to shift and adapt their marketing efforts, but what will rule this year?

  • Customer Experience – Über King

Consumer demands are ever increasing, wanting 24/7 service, personalisation and an omni-channel experience – in today’s market, social media and a saturated market has given consumers power.

A customer interaction on one channel, will define the next interaction on another channel – adapting, optimising and refining this cross-channel approach will be crucial in 2015 to achieve a better customer experience and staying relevant to your target audience.

To do this, brands, marketers and businesses will increase investment in analytics to understand the customer journey across multiple channels. They will seek to identify how to best maximise the experience and results from multiple digital, mobile and social channels across various platforms.

To create a sticky customer experience that drives customer loyalty and revenue, brands, marketers and businesses must strive to centralise customer data, enabling them to create a more personal relationship with customers across all marketing channels, and at every stage of the customer journey. Achieving this will take time and great effort, but it will be worth it – Consider the results from the Forrester Customer Experience Index. According to Forrester, customer-centric companies gained 43% in performance compared to a 33.9% decrease for companies who have neglected customer experience.

So, how does your customer experience stack up against your competition?

  • mCommerce will continue to lead the pack

Customer attention span is at an all-time low, with the modern day consumer having an average attention span of only 8 seconds. That is potentially 8 seconds to grab the consumer’s attention, convince them about your product or service, persuade them to commit to purchase and complete the transaction. Every second longer and your chance on making a return on your marketing spend decreases.

‘Payment Experience’ is more important than ever. Consumers don’t want the hassle of punching in credit card details, and convenience triples your revenue opportunity. This will drive the use of new innovative mobile payment solutions both in the physical and digital environment

Apple Pay will launch in 2015 and it’s only fair to predict that Apple will yet again revolutionise the market. Apple Pay will streamline the purchasing experience and allow consumers to shop, buy and move on as quickly as possible. The surge in investment and consumer use in quicker ways to pay will enable brands, marketers and businesses to monetise their digital and social media advertising, allowing consumers to purchase without leaving the discovery environment. An example of this is Twitter and Facebook, who both tested ‘buy’ buttons in 2014. With social media giants adopting this mCommerce practise, look for this to take off in 2015.

  • Digital disruption – Sink or swim      

The digital revolution is here to stay and digitisation won’t slow down, causing more and more digital disruption. Brands, marketers and businesses have to adapt and keep up with trends, or fall into obscurity.

To respond to the digital disruption, the top investments of 2015 will be in big data and analytics, mobility, social and business collaboration. There will be a constant need of greater ownership of business outcomes compared with investment and innovation in IT resources. However, the need to produce results will accelerate the exploration of new tech, which will also drive digital disruption.

This challenge will be changing in the way brands, marketers and businesses approach digital initiatives. CMOs and CIOs will continue to work closely, involved in constantly evaluating target audience, marketing strategy, technological adoption and infrastructure.

In 2015, the way we think, work and evaluate will be defined by the consumers, technology and trends.


As usual, at this very early stage of the year, there are many other predictions from industry experts about the future trend and strategy, but there is no denying mobile continues to be the hottest playground for brands, marketers and businesses. I can’t wait to see it all unfold – wishing you a successful ‘mobile’ 2015!


Written by:

Alexander Klose,

Head of Marketing,


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