2015 MMA London Forum: Mobile Acceleration

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Chris Babayode, Managing Director, MMA EMEA

This year’s MMA London Forum will focus on Mobile Acceleration and showcase brands and experts who will share first hand accounts on how mobile has played an innovative role in the brand or customer experience, in product development, and in advertising market effectiveness to transform and drive growth in their businesses.

Attendees to this year’s Forum will gain insights from marketers in retail, travel, finance, telecoms and learn how they are transforming their marketing campaigns and businesses through mobile with key takeaways to help improve your mobile capability. There’s also a glimpse into the future along with some key learning’s from a disruptor company forging a whole new sector with mobile at the heart of its business. And if you want to know how a London based product development studio built it’s business and success using mobile and gaming and the implications for brands and agencies then there’s a special session on innovation.

Selected sessions include:

  • To become a mobile business marketers must embrace change, and not just in the marketing department but throughout the business. Digital transformations demand learning, recruiting, and restructuring. McDonald’s will share key insights on how to re-learn marketing not just reach, but content & context and talk about taking business mobile like you’ve never seen before.
  • For ustwo, the creators of the award winning game Monument Valley the road to success has been everything but traditional. Gather insights into the impact that creative product development studios will have on brands and what will be needed in order to produce the kind of world class software and platforms that consumers will expect.

  • The results of MMA’s proprietary SMoX research will demonstrate the impact of mobile on brand awareness, purchase intent, brand image, and sales emanating from studies with MasterCard, The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, and Walmart.
  • With marketers focused on their bottom line, few have the resources to initiate a robust analysis on how mobile interacts with other media channels and how to optimize their budgets to take full advantage of mobile. To provide the industry greater clarity about the value of mobile marketing, the MMA is committed to delivering insights surrounding mobile’s impact on ROI and its affect on business goals.
  • This major study scientifically assesses the interaction of mobile channels and platforms in relation to the broader marketing mix (TV, radio, magazines, Internet etc.). The results and insights will help marketers understand the impact of consumers’ shifting media habits, as well as how to optimise their marketing mix by rebalancing investments. Essentially – better business results at the same budget. This session presents a unique opportunity for marketers to gain insights about their respective marketing mix but also influence how the industry views and invests in media for years to come.
  •  For Expedia, mobile isn’t simply regarded as a device or channel, but as an opportunity to design an experience that solves a pain point for consumers. This session will share how mobile is driving innovation at Expedia transforming it from a booking engine to a 24/7 travel companion. Attendees will learn how mobile is creating real-time opportunities to enhance brand experiences, is helping drive product and services innovations including pilot testing new devices such as wearables, and creating new opportunities to connect with consumers in a multi-device world.
  •  Mobile has given rise to a host of disruptor companies, where it’s less about gaining market share but more about defining a new market. BlaBlaCar (blablacar.co.uk) are such a company, so come and hear what’s it’s like to be truly mobile first and build a new business model and sector.
  •  What does the future hold? What will mobile look like in 2020? Attendees will learn from Deloitte, about the shape of demand for smartphones, what to expect over the next three years and how consumers are likely to react to and harness the innovations in smartphones as well as the need that they serve.
  •  There are significant advancements being made in Advertising Technology that can help drive consumer engagement and interaction, measurement and targeting thus improving ROI. Experts from the world of Apps, Programmatic, and Mobile Advertising will educate, update, and share insights and best practice, making what seems complicated, simple.
  •  A panel of agency experts from Starcom, DigitasLBi and Xaxis and moderated by Google, will discuss key topics of today be it understanding Attribution; the role and growth of Native Advertising and Mobile Video and the evolution of Trading Desks.

Written by

Chris Babayode 

Managing Director


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