Let’s stop annoying mobile users and create some brand love!

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Louise Weston, Managing Director at Atomic Live

Atomic Live recently presented at the Mobile Marketing Association’s creative innovation seminar. In front of an audience of media specialists across all channels, the mobile platform was given it’s rightful positioning as the fastest growing form of digital media. With watches and wearables about to take off, it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon. It’s only in the last year or so that advertisers have started to wake up to the advantages that the mobile platform offers, so we wanted to open up the debate on mobile audience targeted creative.


In a world where we are glued to our phones wherever we go it is increasingly important to engage people wherever they are, whether that’s commuting, out and about, or even just sitting in front of the TV. We are in fact a country of smartphone obsessed web surfers, accessing it for 1 hour and 20 minutes every day, more than our desktop computers and laptops. In fact our total mobile media use is just shy of the time spent watching TV and that’s from a nation of TV lovers.

So is the need for desktop dedicated content at an end? Unlikely, as very few Marketers have a mobile strategy and when it comes to running mobile programmatically 44% of them have little or no knowledge about it. But Mobile is a very different platform to desktop and with the native functionality in the device itself to take advantage of, there is a big opportunity for brands to get the mobile user to engage with them. Whether it be 3D, virtual reality, gyroscopes or 360 views, the world is far more immersive with mobile. We now have the opportunity to stop annoying people and make incredibly tailored and interactive advertising with amazing content.

The mobile device is our friend that keeps us entertained, that allows us to transfer money on the go, make arrangements to see friends and shop on our commute, so we need to respect that relationship. Advertising needs to compliment our needs by providing us with a useful product or service, or entertain us while we wait for a bus; the creative really needs to be tailored to the moment to make us love the brand.

87% of us spend our time on our mobile device in, on average, up to 5 Apps, and often with our location data made available to get a better service. This location data is our mobile cookie, showing us where the person works, whether they go to the gym, what shops they frequent and a whole plethora of valuable data for advertisers to build user profiles to target. With companies such as Factual verifying and collating the lat/long data we are able to rely on this data for a true picture of mobile audiences.

We all live in the virtual world in one way or another, but so many people that are active on social media often can’t wait to check themselves in to a location, whether it be a city, a restaurant or just an area. We can target people who have checked into a restaurant with a competitor restaurant ad, all done in real-time. We can now understand who we are targeting and when is the perfect time to engage with them to win their love.

With an outstanding 60% of programmatic display ad spend in 2016 going to mobile, there’s no time to waste. We need to start being clever with our targeting and use the mobile data we have available to us, even if it isn’t always 100% perfect – very little data is!

It’s time to get the creative message right, right from the start of the creative process, and not as an after thought. Would you rather be the early adopter, or the one who got on the bandwagon that bit too late to be called innovative?

At Atomic Live we want to create stories, really immersive brand stories that provoke more than just engagement, but actually stir a feeling. We can do this with precisely targeted, engaging and interactive creativity for mobile that reaches the right people in the right moment , and 2016 is going to be that year.

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