Brands must get personal or lose out!


Hesham Al-Jehani, Senior Product Manager, ExactTarget

In a recently published ExactTarget report on Mobile Behaviour it was discovered that over 85% of phone users considered the mobile phone as central to their daily lives. For many of us this comes as little surprise as the small screen has become the fixation of our eyeballs over most other things including, and sad though it may seem, our loved ones. Numerous measures back the notion of mobile’s ascendance as the hub of our personal and digital lives – our online experience is fast shifting to a mobile first and for many a mobile exclusive phenomenon.

The relentless growth in smartphone adoption has ramifications for brands and marketeers who don’t properly adapt their multi channel strategy as it would seem we are reaching an inflexion point that is positively changing attitudes towards mobile. Some may read this with a hint of cautious optimism but there is no doubt that the debate has noticeably shifted from ‘if’ to ‘how’ to use mobile as an effective marketing and communication channel. Brands and businesses that do not adopt a mobile strategy will lose out in the long term and those that want to exploit the mobile opportunity need to fully grasp the unique characteristics that makes this channel exciting, cool, fun and above all personal.

The mobile phone is unlike any other digital device. It is one of the most personal artifacts carried around together with house keys, wallets and purses. So when you engage through mobile remember you’ve probably received express permission to do so and it should be the start of an intimate and fruitful relationship. Like any relationship in life it takes two to tango and the closer you are to someone the more you know about his or her likes and dislikes, habits, idiosyncrasies, secrets and desires. You can even predict how they will behave or react in certain situations. And this closeness assumes a high degree of trust and subsequent loyalty, which should be nurtured and strengthened. Abuse that trust at your peril – engaging through mobile is not a licence to spam nor send irrelevant content.

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