How Brands Can Harness Data to Deliver Amazing Experiences and Engagement


Peggy Anne Salz, Lead Analyst and Content Marketing Strategist at MobileGroove

We may have started out in a state where information was mostly contained in PCs but now, thanks to the advance of mobile and the avalanche of mobile apps, information isn’t ‘in’ anything. It is everywhere. Technology is also smart — and going to get a lot smarter — so brands have to get smarter about how they use it to engage their customers. Continue reading

What Audiences Expect & Why Brands Need to ‘SIMPLIFY’ the Journey


Pratick Thakrar, CEO at Inspired Mobile

From strategies to re-imagine and ‘hyper-personalise’ the customer experience to ways brands are harnessing mobile and offers linked to context to improve loyalty programmes, marketers must determine the appropriate channels and approaches that will satisfy people’s growing requirement for personalised and relevant brand communications. Continue reading

Choose The Appropriate Channels To Connect With Your Customers

Screenshot 2016-03-21 21.38.18

Jeremy Deaner, CEO at Brainstorm

The capabilities are coming together for marketers to reach the core audience— as defined by their location and location context — that truly matters to their brand or business. However, recent research from the MMA and Brainstorm Mobile Solutions, a global provider of mobile engagement solutions, highlights the requirement for marketers to use location data responsibly. Continue reading

Data Overload – time to embark on a brave new Omni-channel world!

Pratick Thakrar, MD Inspired Mobile

According to IBM, 82% of CMO’s do not feel prepared to handle the data explosion, up from 73% in 2013.

I think it’s fair to say, we live in a data overloaded world with analysing, and interpreting, already very difficult – which I sense is only going to get worse. Analysing data from different sources also means brands are never really comparing apples with apples but with pears, or oranges (depending upon which country you’re from) and ultimately, making much needed cross channel benchmarks difficult to utilise for future analysis. Continue reading