Mobile marketing:  Engaging Gen X,Y & Z


Written by Jane Ostler, Managing Director, Media & Digital, Kantar Millward Brown

Kantar Millward Brown’s AdReaction: engaging Gen X, Y and Z study reveals vital insights into how marketers should use mobile, explains Jane Ostler, Managing Director of their Media & Digital practice.

Marketing communications are undergoing a seismic shift. Brand messages are slowly but surely moving away from the ad break and deeper into consumers’ lives, with much of this driven by the combined influences of younger audiences and mobile device usage.

AdReaction reveals that 74% of Gen Z (16-19 year olds) globally spends more than an hour a day on mobile devices, more than any other generation.

In this world of declining ad receptivity, brands must find new ways to reach consumers beyond the confines of traditional advertising, and need to use mobile in more creative ways than ever before.  Continue reading

A ton of innovation from the sell side – but who’s innovating on behalf of the buyer?


  Written by Jason Cooper, General Manager, Mobile at Integral Ad Science

Today we find ourselves in a market centered around the seller, rather than the buyer. Innovation is mainly being led from the sell side, be that from the walled gardens, the mobile SSPs or the DSPs. There are a limited number of options available for the agency and brand, outside of the ad servers and verification companies.

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Building your brand? Use mobile!


Joy Dean, head of partnerships, Widespace

It’s a fact of modern life that mobile has become increasing pervasive, a staple part of everything we do. In our daily lives, wherever we go, our mobile goes too, and with it, access to the web. According to a recent report conducted by Ofcom, smartphone usage has risen from 39% in 2011, to 51% in 2012 and 61% in 2013. One of the benefits of this always-on, always-present trend is that it creates a whole new world of connectivity for marketing.

Mobile devices offer a unique opportunity for brands to not only build simple awareness, but also to cement audience loyalty. As anyone who has observed their fellow travellers on a train or bus recently will tell you, mobile phones are never far from reach, which means we are constantly consuming content. This simplified access to content has changed the way brands engage with audiences in a way that was simply not possible before. Continue reading