The five golden rules of mobile-ready sites


Matt Brocklehurst, Product Marketing Manager, Google

According to recent Google research, 32% of UK consumers make a purchase via a smartphone each month – higher than in any of the other 18 European countries surveyed. With UK smartphone and tablet penetration already having reached 68% and 40% respectively, the need for organisations to have a mobile-ready site is clear.

The reality is that consumer expectations for mobile browsing experiences have risen. They no longer accept pinching and zooming to view content. Instead websites need to “just work” on mobile, or businesses risk losing out to their competition.

There are a number of ways businesses can make their websites work across devices such as responsive web design, dynamic serving or entirely separate builds for mobile and desktop. Here are some guidelines to help when developing a mobile-ready site:

1. Focus on what the customer wants

A mobile customer accessing a retail website on the go is most likely looking for store locators, product search or the shopping basket. Contrastingly, when browsing a service provider they are most likely looking for information, contact details and maybe even a click-to-call button. Think about what is most important for your customers when they’re on the go, make it easy to access and then ensure it works flawlessly Continue reading