How Smartwatches Streamline Our Mobile Interactions

James T

James Temple, ECD, MD R/GA London

Wearable devices are poised to impact the market nearly as drastically as personal computers did in the 1980s and smartphones did in the early 2000s.

Smartphones have shifted the dashboards of our lives, with the average person checking his or her phone 150 times a day. Wrist-worn devices promise to provide a much easier way to access the wealth of information stored on our phones. Thus far, fitness tracking bands have led the movement toward the wrist, but smartwatches promise to lead the wearable revolution, taking the functionality of a smartphone and making it “glanceable” on a user’s wrist.

With a smartwatch, users can check messages and alerts, take photos, make payments, and monitor their health. The allure of bringing notifications off a phone and onto a wrist is clear for consumers: the ability to stay connected without disconnecting from the real world. The same can be said for manufacturers: nearly every major technology company is working on, or rumored to be working on, a smartwatch, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and LG.

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