Mark Cody: Tesco’s Mobile Strategy Transform ‘The Shopping Experience’


Mark Cody Senior Marketing Manager – Mobile Tesco plc

MobileGroove analyst Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Mark Cody, Senior Marketing Manager, Mobile at Tesco to explore the retailer’s strategy to place mobile in the centre of an omnichannel approach, bridging screens and worlds (online and in-store) to enable new levels of brand interaction and customer benefit.


Shopping knows no boundaries and the customer expectation for seamless interaction is turning up the pressure on retailers to bridge the digital and physical worlds to deliver customers increased convenience and value.

This shift was also highlighted in the new RetailWeek report titled The Consumer 2014: True consumer insight in a modern retail world. Based on a survey of 2,000 U.K. consumers and exclusive interviews with shoppers, the report provides a valuable insights around consumer attitudes and the approaches retailers should embrace to reduce friction (online and in-store) and increase loyalty.

Tesco’s digital advantage

Significantly, the report reveals that U.K. supermarket chain Tesco is well on it’s way to winning on both counts. Tesco ranks second as the brand providing the best customer experience in-store. And it ranks fourth (after Amazon, eBay and consumer electronics chain Argos) as the brand proving the best online experience.

Clearly, Tesco has a way to go before it pulls out ahead of the likes of online commerce giant Amazon, but the progress it has made in uniting online and in-store interaction in a seamless and engaging customer experience is truly impressive. Continue reading